This is a place where I post about things I enjoy. Perhaps the most interesting posts will be my attempts at reviewing beer. Other less interesting things will include me complaining or commenting about things that probably only I care about.

The site title is from an excellent little musical group called Grand Buffet that I used to listen to a bunch during Highschool. Lots of fun goofy rap.


I wanna be a camp counselor with full benefits.
Your son or daughter has a dog bite, I got a tourniquet.
I earned a bit of credit and tonight I’m gonna cash it in.
Not a flashy guy by any means but I’m sparkling.
Darkening days bring out my harlequin side.
I never sailed a hardship, I been to plenty of innertubes.
Divided by the desire for city-life and solitude.
Hollow out a loaf of bread and fill it with cheese cube.
Add white wine and bake it in the oven for a fondue.

Ill now began to bestow. The wet blankets are mad that the antithesis of what they symbolize is looking double bad.
Situated inside a swan-shaped paddle boat.
Smoothly navigating the lights at the end of your telescope.
Zoom in really close, you’ll notice no tan lines.
For the next four bars I’m gonna say it with hand signs.

Contact me and I may respond, same goes with commenting.

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