Collecting beer glassware is fun and adds a lot to the presentation of a beer, after all you taste with your eyes before your nose and mouth. Collecting beer glassware is sort of a side hobby within drinking/enjoying beer. For me each of my glasses has a story and most are associated with a specific style. Did I mention beers look cool served in fancy glasses?

Beer Advocate’s Beer Glassware Guide

Natty Greene, Tumbler 16oz

This glass came from Piedmont Ale (a pub in Burlington). One of my favorite parts about this glass is the NC outline. This style is also called a shaker, or more simply a pint glass. Tumblers are by far the most common beer glassware you’ll encounter in North America as they are simple and sturdy. Unfortunately they are not too exotic looking and tend to disperse aromas.

New Belgium, Snifter 47cl

Purchased at Company Shops Market (the Burlington co-op) This is my go to glass for a new beer as it has a good capacity and the curved inwards top nicely concentrates the aromas.

Genesee, Pilsner

Received as a Christmas present from my so’s parents, a set of 4. Genesee is a regional brewery in Rochester NY. My so’s family is from Western NY where Genesee is something of a legend. I suspect they are secretly pleased that I now count Genesee Cream Ale as my favorite cheap beer (non sale price 50 cents a can). These glasses nicely the display the light colors and active carbonation of lighter beers such as pilsners.

Augustiner, Maßkrug 1L

The first of my glasses that are booty from my trip to Germany. I got this beast at the Augustiner Keller in Munich Germany. That night the Keller was packed outdoors with a soccer game projected onto a large screen. Nice spring weather and good beer and pretzels. The Maßkrug is a hefty piece of glassware that holds 1 Liter (~2 pints) of beer. These are great for clicking together as they are hard to break.

Augustiner, Weizen Glass .5L

Another beer from the Augustiner Keller. I got this one one of the last days I was in Germany. Weizen glasses nicely display the cloudy light yellow wheat beers and provide lots of room for their ginormous heads.

Buffalo Wild Wings, Weizen Glass 22oz

From the Buffalo Wild Wings in Wilmington. Met some friends there on a humid summer night and had a pint. BWW refers to this as a pilsner glass. Has a nice nucleation point on the bottom shaped like a flying buffalo.

Red Oak, Becker

Got this glass from the Red Oak Brewery tour where it was part of the tour package. Red Oak is the closest thing to a local brewery we have in Elon though it is located across the interstate in Whitsett and has Greensboro roots. They do a few kinds of lagers with three yearround: a helles, an amber, and a bock and seasonals that have included doppelbock. This glass is quite pretty with its very Euro style gold rim and gold outline, this one was made in Belgium. A Becker is a German pint glass with a gntle taper at the top. Probably my second favorite glass.

Hofbrauhaus, Weizen Glass .5L (deceased)

Snuck this sucker out of the high security glassware prison that is the Hofbrau Haus in Munich. Unfortunately my poor decision to dry the glass upside down on a lamp led to the lamp being bumped, the glass bouncing off a nearby chair and onto the ground. I hope to replace it someday.

Hacker-Pschorr, Weizen Glass

Got this one from the hostel we stayed in in Munich, the A&O Hostel München. I ordered a radler in the hostel bar and stole back to run room with it, victorious.

Highland, Tumbler

This one came from the Mellow Mushroom in Wilmington. Had a friend who was in the live band for the night and was getting free beer, he grabbed it for me.

Elon, Mug

PBR, Tumbler

Ah yes, my most prized piece, a plastic tumbler. I was on a night out in Durham with college friends during Pride Week when the group decided to leave a place I was thoroughly enjoying. Our next stop displeased me at first due to the steep cover and my second and final taste of the terrible skunky beer that is Shotgun Betty. All was made better when I discovered they had a mixed beer known as a “PomBR.” A PomBR is a mix of pomegranate juice and PBR. At this particular place it was served in a plastic PBR tumbler that was your to keep.


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