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Beer Reviews: Sweetwater Happy Ending, Terrapin Hopsecutioner, North Coast Old Rasputin

I let some of my beer reviews ‘pile up’ and though I’d do a quick dump of them here. These were taken from my BeerAdvocate where I do most of my reviews. The ones here are supposed to be more pictorial in nature, need to get on that… As a side note, Terrapin is another company that is being played around with by a Macro with MillerCoors owning a minority share in the brewery.

SweetWater Happy Ending, American Imperial Stout

22oz bomber (wax top!) into New Belgium snifter, 2012 batch
Appearance is an almost black color with a brown head. Leaves a strong brown and creamy lacing. Smell is lightly roasted malt and lots of bright, citrusy hops. Taste is some nice mellow roasted malt (some coffee, some vanilla) riding on top of a dark hoppy wave. Hops are citrusy, lemon and grapefruit, has some of that almost metallic RIS tone and medium alcohol presence. Mouthfeel is full body and extremely creamy, all together a very pleasant and soft mouthfeel.
O: This one surprised me with its hoppiness given the RIS branding. It manages to stay out of Black IPA territory with its creamy mouthfeel is heavy body. Altogether a substantial beer with lots of hops that keep it from being oppressive.

Rating: A-

Terrapin Hopsecutioner, American IPA

on-tap in tumbler at Flying Saucer in Raleigh

Appearance is a clear amber with next to no head, more of a skim really. Some lacing in the beginning. Smell is lots of hops, as to be expected, that are mostly citrusy: a tendency towards grapefruit. Taste is hoppy with the grapefruit tones dominant and a hint of pineapple. The surprise in the taste is that there is a actually a ton of malt (caramel?) presence in this beer, maybe too much? Mouthfeel is somewhat heavy for the style with medium-low carbonation and lots of hop oils.
O:This is quite similar to Bell’s Two Hearted in profile, but not as good. A good IPA but not a great one, the malt sorta weirded me out.

Rating: B

North Coast Old Rasputin, Russian Imperial Stout

on-tap (nitro) in tumbler at Flying Saucer Raleigh

Pours a beautiful three layers: a black bottom, a black/brown middle where the nitro effect is on full display with large round bubbles cascading downwards, and a creamy tan head that leaves extremely strong speckled creamy lace. Wow. Smell is a good amount of roasted malt: some dark chocolate, cream, hints of coffee. Taste has lots of the Russian Imperial Stout metallic sharpness and a big warming alcohol presence. Good amount of roast malt, coffee, in the taste with some nice liquorice. As it warms the liquorice really comes out and complements to beer nicely. Mouthfeel is ├╝ber creamy and quite low carb.

O:This is the prettiest beer I have ever seen and definitely the best RIS I have had a chance to drink. In the dark world I think I prefer Founder’s Breakfast Stout, but when compared to Old Rasputin, Breakfast Stout’s coffee, oatmeal, and chocolate almost come off as gimmicky. Old Rasputin is a legend and must have.

Rating: A+



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